Who Are We


“To turn into the biggest and most trusted brand on Digital Pay TV devices provider in Nepal.”


“To put into best innovation and workforce for giving practical plan of action according to the client needs with long haul assistance and administrations for their better understanding and commitment.”


Being the principal set top box producer in the Nepalese market scenario, we seek to serve the whole nation in a long run through: - Better Quality Production - Safety - Nobility - Trustworthiness, and - Continuous Improvements.

Our Office

In this era where all the sectors are switching to digital mode, the television sector is no less. Started from satellite broadcasting back in the early 2000s, to terrestrial broadcasting and now completely digital, the entire scenario has turned out to be completely amazing. Having got an opportunity to enjoy TV-series in a high-quality mode without any disruptions, viewers are also enjoying the digital concept.

Taking that into consideration, DHI commenced in 2018, however, laid the first stone in 2019 with the aim to become the largest digital-pay Tv supplier. DHI supports digital-pay tv broadcasters by producing set-top boxes as per their needs and criteria set by them. Moreover, the strong infrastructure assists DHI in executing orders of any set-top box type while adhering to quality standards and client specifications.

DHI in long run means to gain and continue clients through a manageable plan of action with the best help and administrations. DHI likewise has a dream to work with full uprightness assisting the customers with standing out in the market.